In the last year, we have seen a transition to a more hybrid workday that challenges our own time management. When we lose our balance and everyday life becomes stressful, it may be because we want or have to fulfil the wishes of others, while at the same time trying to protect our own values.


We may end up losing our own values along the way and forget to "check-in" with ourselves.


Workshop contains:

  • The art of collecting our own data - a closer look at how we can use our own information in the best way to achieve personal success

  • How to maximize your time so that you feel more motivated to conquer the workload and your tasks

  • How to remove the most common distractions in a hybrid everyday life, handle them and regain focus and productivity

  • How to identify your digital time thieves in a hybrid workday

  • Tailor a successful day - EVERY day.

The Masterclass and workshops are offered in both Swedish and English and of course, online.

Contact, to get advice as to which course would be best for you. 


Nabunya AS is dedicated to serving professional organisers, management and agents through offering tailor-made services in project and process management, short or long term consultant services as well as stage and producer services. Should you require event and production staff, we also offer HR and staff management services.

Contact us to explore how we can contribute to your project and help you achieve the results you want.

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